Refined Sunflower Oil

We sell refined sunflower oil that is clean and contains all the natural sunflower oil nutrients. Refined sunflower oil has a wide range of applications including its use as a cooking oil.

Private label is available.
1 full truck of 1L  = 21 750 PET bottles / 1 450 cartons / 29 pallets.

Price = 1,000 Liters (FCA/CIF)

Product condition: available Country of production: Turkey / Ukraine Delivery Terms: CIF | FOB | FCA Minimum Order: 40ft Container Payment: To be negotiated

Product Description

Sunflower oil is one of those agricultural products consuming that has a high export rate. Sunflower oil is mainly triglycerides that contain palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. If you keep this oil at room temperature, it remains liquid. Refined sunflower oil appears clear and has a light amber color. There is a greasy smell of this oil when kept at room temperature. It has high nutritional values. Contains saturated fat, energy, vitamin E, K, etc. Chemical solvents can be used to extract this oil. Another process known as extruder pressure is where sunflower seeds are crushed for oil

Oil type: refined sunflower oil
– Color and smell: inherent, without foreign smells and flavors
– Packaging: bottled or in a ton tank, upon request
– Goods cost, private label, and delivery terms are discussed individually
We provide all necessary certificates
Looking forward to more cooperation

We offer the following items for export from Turkey /Ukraine

Note: the following price and LC payment for quantity above 1000 ton, for less than this quantity contact us.

CIF Price Gross weight (kg) quantity in a 40-foot container is 26 tons quantity in 5 layer carton Packing
25998.00 26670 15 1 liter flask
25913.80 8922 6 3 liter flask
25992.20 5388 3 5 liter flask
2400.00 (+\- 5%) flexitank _ 1 ton


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